1100AM WISS broadcasting out of Berlin, WI joined the Bug’s family in 2016 to expand the coverage area of the popular programming found on “The Bug.”

1100AM’s Coverage Area Includes: Berlin, Ripon, Green Lake, Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Appleton, Neenah and Menasha

1100AM’s Sports Programming Includes: Milwaukee Brewer’s Baseball

Broadcast Hours: Sunrise to Sunset


1100AM WISS is only permitted to broadcast Sunrise to Sunset to protect interference to other AM radio stations during the overnight hours.  The following chart shows our approximate sign on and sign off times.

Sign On
Sign Off
January 7:30am 4:45pm
February 7:00am 5:30pm
March 6:15am 6:00pm
April 6:15am 7:45pm
May 5:30am 8:15pm
June 5:15am 8:45pm
July 5:30am 8:30pm
August 6:00am 8:00pm
September 6:30am 7:15pm
October 6:15am 5:15pm
November 6:45am 4:30pm
December 7:30am 4:15pm