Station Staff



  Tom Boyson,
General Manager
920.361.3551 x 102
  JoAnn Boyson jboyson(at)hometownbroadcasting(dot)com

Sales & Marketing

Tammi Eastling, Account Executive teastling(at)hometownbroadcasting(dot)com
920.361.3551 x 104
lisalee Lisa Lee, Marketing and Events llee(at)hometownbroadcasting(dot)com
John Peck, Account Executive jpeck(at)hometownbroadcasting(dot)com
920.361.3551 x 106
Ken Schmidt, Account Executive kschmidt(at)hometownbroadcasting(dot)com
920.361.3551 x 105

On the Air

Johnnie Boyson, Program Director johnboyson(at)hometownbroadcasting(dot)com
920.361.3551 x 125
jason-600x515 Jason Mansmith, WAUH & WRPN On Air jmansmith(at)hometownbroadcasting(dot)com
Wayne Mausser, News & Sports Director wmausser(at)hometownbroadcasting(dot)com
920.361.3551 x 112
todd-600x600 Todd Michaels, Morning Show Host tmichaels(at)hometownbroadcasting(dot)com
920.361.3551 x 103
lexi_large Lexi Young, WAUH On Air lyoung(at)hometownbroadcasting(dot)com
920.361.3551 x 202
Mark Kastein, WRPN/WAUH On Air mkastein(at)hometownbroadcasting(dot)com

Office Operations

Bernie Phillips, Office Manager bphillips(at)hometownbroadcasting(dot)com
920.361.3551 x 101
Sarah Kesich, Traffic/Billing, News skesich(at)hometownbroadcasting(dot)com
Randy Drew, Accountant rdrew(at)hometownbroadcasting(dot)com
  Joshua Werner, Technical Operations